Wednesday, July 30, 2008 iPhone 3G Email Setup Instructions

When you're setting up your account, you may experience extended delays when trying to validate your account settings. Do not exit that screen. You'll only prolong the torture. Be patient and let the device do its thing.

Go to:
>>>Mail, Contacts, Calendars
>>>Add Account
>>>Select Other (here's where you WON'T find an AT&T/Bellsouth logo)
>>>Enter your Name, (Email) Address, Password & (Account) Description

After you hit Enter/continue, it's at this point you may experience some delays while your account info is being validated.

You'll get a prompt that you cannot connect using SSL. That's fine.
Hit Yes to confirm that you'd like to proceed w/ out using SSL.

It's a crapshoot from this point forward, however, you'll need to ensure that the following information is included:

Host Name:
User Name: Your Username
Password: Your Password

OUTGOING MAIL SERVER: (This is the fun part)
SMTP: [ does NOT work]

Authentication: Password
Delete from Server: Adjust as needed
Server Port: 110

That should do it... iPhone 3G Email Setup Issues

You probably assumed, as I did, that since AT&T a.k.a. Bellsouth (also previously a.k.a. Cingular Wireless, Bellsouth Mobility, Mama Bell, etc) was the current exclusive carrier for the iPhone, that there would be an email setup shortcut provided similar to the ones included for Gmail & Yahoo Mail.

I was able to set up a Gmail account with no problem. It was a piece of cake. The Exchange setup was equally easy. Then came the account setup. That's where I ended up spending a good chunk of time on the phone on hold waiting for a rep.

Once I did reach someone, they were aware of the issue and quickly gave the info how to set up the account. I asked how could they forget to include their existing old school customers in the iPhone email setup shortcuts. Didn't get a response.

My iPhone is rocking now. Very easy to manage multiple mailboxes. As long as I have battery life that is...